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Salutations to all! I've not touched this blog in a very long time (though I once wrote on it frequently). I've been on a really crazy ride these past few years thanks to life!

What then have I been up to, you may be wondering? Well, guess what? I was hired for my ideal job in forestry. You did really hear right. I was still in school in 2018; I have since graduated and was fortunate to have spent the most of the pandemic surrounded by trees. In the meantime I fell in love, got married, and we are now the parents of a boisterous little girl who (give her time) loves nature almost as much as her parents.

That's a mouthful isn't it? You now understand my lack of writing time. And for those of you who still remember what my blog looked like years ago, please take this away: your girl is out here all day long, surrounded by tall trees, babbling brooks, and singing birds. And I must say, it is utter magic. That's all I've ever wanted. But you were aware of that.

It has changed my life to spend my days in the great outdoors. The sound of falling leaves and the aroma of pine needles in the air—being surrounded by Mother Nature herself is incredibly calming.

Let us now proceed with business. Though that is unquestionably a benefit, forestry is more than just running through forests and interacting with woodland animals. It involves some very intense labor as well. This area is always developing and exciting, from sustainable resource management to tree growth pattern research.

For those of you thinking about going into forestry, allow me to impart some information. Deep love of the natural world is essential to success in this field. But it takes more than just warm feelings for trees—you can hug them, but that's between you and the tree—you also need to be quite technically proficient. Consider data analysis software, mapping programs, and, if you're feeling daring, perhaps some heavy machinery operation!

If moving up the professional ladder is your thing, there are many of chances to advance in the forestry industry. After enough experience, you could advance into positions like conservation scientist or forest manager.

Folks, that's it! My little report straight from the great outside. Give forestry a try if you ever feel like you would like to work in an environment where you can be one with nature and actually improve the world. Who is to know. You could just discover that, among the trees, you are as blessed as I am.

All the best till then.


P.S. I'll try to make the next post in less than a half-lifetime!