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I firmly believe that WMAs should be used as much as possible for all allowable purposes, because more demand creates a push for more supply. Camping for many though takes things too far. Nobody wants a bunch of drunk kids running around. And hunters will in general get pissed.

It is important to contact your local DNR office and ask them what is permitted and where.

They will be happy to give you info on each particular area you're interested in.

From my experience I made sure I checked with the DNR first. Some WMA's might allow having a fire if you follow proper "leave no trace" rules, which of course should be followed no matter where you camp. But most will have an issue with it.

Definitely go into your counties DNR office though and talk to them in person, they'll be happy to help. At least they were when I went in to the office.

And for those of you who are serious, here is the link to the DNR recreation Atlas online map. You can use it to find these areas in, well, your area.